Industrial Connector(Heavy Duty connector) Design Points

02 Sep, 2019    View 3133 times
1. Understand the functional requirements of the connector.
We need customers to fully express their needs, otherwise they may misunderstand customer needs. This is especially important when you need to make a custom connector.
2. Consider mechanical stress
Temperature, shock and vibration create stress between the interface and the circuit. Specially choose connectors that avoid these forces. Use interconnect systems to minimize accumulation stress between the mounting structure and the connection points
3. Figure out the current load capacity
As the size of the connector decreases, the current carrying capacity of the connector also decreases. In general, the micro connector can handle currents between 200mA and 500mA, which is about half the larger current rating of the board-to-board connector. In order to compensate for the problems caused by the lower current carrying capacity, we may need to increase the number of terminals.
4. Consider easy replacement
If the appearance of the product is closed, then you need a connector that can be replaced from the outside. Otherwise, you will need to do some welding work.
Micro connectors need to be farsighted. It requires us to anticipate various factors such as packaging, durability, current load capability, and interchangeability.