Enterprise mission

Leading Business Progress and Creating Better Life Together
This is the meaning and motivation of Rilebo's existence as an enterprise, and also the responsibility and obligation that Rilebo must undertake. Tightly linking corporate mission with commercial progress and social development, it expresses the value orientation of Rayleibo's enterprise development in promoting the civilization and progress of the whole society, and embodies the noble pursuit of Rayleibo people.


Become a global enterprise trusted and loved by the public
Relebo conforms to the trend of the times and historical trends, seeks for change from top to bottom, seizes opportunities and constantly transforms. The company has always maintained vigorous vitality and established a good reputation and excellent goodwill. In the new historical period, we are keeping pace with the situation and lofty aspirations, taking "becoming a global enterprise trusted and loved by the public" as our ideal blueprint.

Corporate Values

Honesty and trustworthiness, performance-oriented, people-oriented, innovative development
Honesty and trustworthiness are the core values of Rilebo and the foundation of its foundations and businesses; performance orientation is the support of Rilebo's growth; people-oriented is the purpose of Rilebo's value creation; innovation and development is the driving force for Rilebo to meet the challenges.

Enterprise Development Concept

Be solid, strong, bigger, better and longer (5M principle)
In order to conform to the new normal economic situation, it is necessary for Rilebo to actively change its development mode and achieve connotative growth. To this end, Rilebo requires all levels of units to strive to achieve the development concept of "being solid, strong, bigger, better and longer" through innovation-driven, structural optimization, industrial upgrading, improving the quality of products and services, and improving efficiency and efficiency.