Introduction | Industrial Conenctor | Heavy Duty Connector

18 Jun, 2019    View 2587 times

Heavy Duty Connector could be easy to handle and could be used in all kinds of harsh environments, rain, snow or fog...

Whether used as a container crane in a port terminal or as a smelting furnace, the robust shell design can be adapted to the harshest environmental conditions.

Heavy Duty Connector could transmit an extremely wide range of current, ensuring a reliable and trouble-free connection even in vibration environments.

Heavy Duty Connectors are designed for use in harsh environments. Modular design makes voltage and signal distribution simple. Heavy Duty Connectors are able to handle a lot of hard work with ease. The advantages of its modular and easy connection are the effective protection of mechanical stress and preventing water splashing and dust from entering the heavy-duty connector.Even in complex application wiring, it can simplify the difficulty of wiring.