Reliable Connector Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional heavy duty connector researcher, designer and manufacturer in China. 

Reliable Connector is equipped with the modern workshops for die-casting,painting,injection,hardware CNC, press and assembly, and also have the perfect product performance test laboratories, as well as lots of national technology patents. Reliable Connector is committed to provide the best-suitable connector solution.

Heavy Duty Connector is widely used in machinery, elevator, robot, rail transportation, power systems, new energy, textile, printing, packaging, hot runner and other fields. Since its inception, Reliable Connector has kept introducing the professional technicians, high-end precision equipment and advanced process technology, and strictly in accordance with DIN VDE0110, DIN VDE0627, DIN EN61984, IEC60529 the standards of design and testing, can ensure to provide the high quality products. 

Reliable Connector has introduced HA, HE, HEE, HD, HDD, HSB, HK, HQ and series of products, various combinations of up to thousands, to meet the different connection requirements.